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Stands the Test of Time

For over 65 years, Cosco Home and Office Products continues to lead the industry as the largest manufacturer of folding furniture, step stools and ladders. From the beginning, with the production of a tin match box, Cosco has introduced and produced innovative products with tremendous value and quality that stand the test of time. 

And now, with our outdoor furniture line, we are remaining true to our philosophy of solid value and smart design. Share good times and create special memories – affordably – with Cosco Outdoor Furniture.

Where It All Started...

Cosco was founded in 1939 as the Columbus Specialty Company with the invention of a tin matchbox that dispensed new matches while providing a place for used ones. In 1941, we introduced patented all-metal kitchen stools; the first full line of household stools manufactured by one company. But of course, we didn't stop there.

Growing Strong...

Keeping with Cosco's history of providing tremendous value, the possibilities are endless.

Through our online retailers, Cosco Outdoor Furniture is everywhere you are on the globe, including: North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia, and beyond.

Our Vision...

If your house is a home where you enjoy sharing with friends and family, whether the occasion is planned or spontaneous, we understand you want to easily and affordably create a space that makes your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

As we focus on the future, Cosco Outdoor Furniture will continue to lead the industry by listening to you, our valued customer, while incorporating innovative outdoor concepts into quality, value-added new products.

Cosco is the brand that makes life easier with a solid value and smart design.


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